Day 17: Wednesday, February 26


Take 15 minutes to establish a Back Squat 1 rep Max
Met-Con WOD:

You have 2 minutes to complete the following:

5 Burpees
10 Goblet Squats
15 Deadlifts 115/65
in the time remaining perform Air Squats
rest while your partner goes
repeat for 3 rounds
After 3 rounds, repeat the 5/10/15 for 4 minutes

today was the first day I ever did a back squat and I did 85lbs. I’m SO close to 90 but just can’t quite get it and it’s so maddening! I need to work on my form and learn to come up using my heals instead of my toes and I should be able to do it 🙂 i can’t so a single pull up. I’m close. hopefully that will get better by the end of the semester hehehe. I was also really proud of myself today because I did the whole workout, all three rounds and some people didn’t even do one full round so go me. I’m not there tomorrow because I’m on a field trip so I’ll have to catch up in my maxs on Friday. see you then!


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