Day 53: Monday, April 28

STRENGTH (Week 3 of Cycle 2):

5, 3, 1 reps of Bench Press @ 85%, 90% and 95% (plus 5 pounds)
3 sets of 5 reps of Pendlay Rows (heavier than last week)
Met-Con WOD:

This is a 20 minute workout; whatever reps you don’t complete in the first section, you must try to complete in the second section (so, if you do 30 pull ups in first 2 minutes, you are to complete 30 Box Jumps).

If you finish early in any section, use the rest of the time as rest:)

2 minutes to complete 60 Pulls Ups
2 minutes to finish remaining reps in the form of Box Jumps
2 minutes to complete 70 KB Swings
2 minutes to finish the remaining reps in the form Toes to Bar or Knees to Elbows or V-Ups
3 minutes to complete 80 Wall Balls
3 minutes to finish the remaining reps in the form of Push Press 95/65
3 minutes to complete 150 Air Squat or Double Unders
3 minutes to finish the remaining reps in the form of Burpees
(modified WOD from Jason Bird)


run the St. Mary’s Loop (hard as you can from school to corner of Lake and Hawthorne; jog down Hawthorne; and then run as hard as you can back to school parking lot)

Today’s workout was a Dooozy! I usually like to take some time to rest during my workouts but today that was not an option! In the first two minuets I managed to complete 38 pull ups (using the rubber band) leaving me with 22 box jumps to do. In the second two minuets I did about 66 Kb swings so I only had to do 4 knees to bar. Easy peezy. in the next three minuets I only managed 31 wall balls, I really suck at those. And since I was using 65 and my push press, which is pretty close to my max I only had time to do about 20 leaving me no time to rest. In the last three minuets I did 90 air squats and then just did burpees for the entire three minuets, but I didn’t count how many I did. After all that I still had to time to the St. Marrys loop but I was really tired so I did a light jog instead of a run. It was hard but it was a lot of fun! Tomorrow’s work out looks good can wait to give it a go!


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