Day 56: Thursday, May 1


  • 5, 3, 1 reps of Strict Shoulder Press @ 85%, 90% and 95% (plus 5 pounds)

Met-Con WOD:

5 rounds of the following for time: “Half Barbara”

  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 15 Push Ups
  • 20 Sit Ups
  • 25 Air Squats

Then (not for time):

  • 10 Atlas Stones
  • Farmer’s Carries down main hallway (As Heavy As Possible)

Loved today’s modification of Barbra! It was tough but quick. I finished in 15:22 and noticed that my pull-ups have really improved as well as my push-ups. during max week i could only do 7 push-ups in a row without pausing and i did all 15 of this workout without pausing until the last two rounds i had to stop at about 10. Farmers carry was easy and I did the ten atlas stones no problem with the 75 pound one. I tried the 130 pound one and could just barley get it off the ground, so my goal is to be able to lift it come the end of the semester. Wish me luck! 


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