Day 87: Tuesday, June 17

Testing Items:

establish a 1 rep Max Thruster, and then…
We are doing Fran
21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 95/65 (scale is 65/45)
Pull Ups
After you recover from Fran lung, complete any tests you have not had the chance to finish

my thruster max was 85 pounds and I did both Fran and Cindy today! I beat my Fran time by almost four minuets I went from 12 minuets to 838! I also went from 13 rounds to 16 full rounds and 17 rounds of pull ups!


Day 86: Monday, June 16

Testing Items:

Establish a 1 reps Max Clean and Jerk
perform Grace

30 Clean and Jerks for time (135/95 Rx)
the scale is 105/65 (or 65% of your Max)

HOMMEEEEE STRETCH! AND TODAY WE GOT TO TWERK IT! my clean and jerk went up 20 pounds from 75 to 95! I also beat my Grace time by about twenty seconds and I used 10 more pounds! I also did the 1000m row and the skiing thing today! can’t wait for Cindy or Fran first thing tmrw, that’s gonna be rough!

Day 85: Friday, June 13


establish a Deadlift 1 rep Max
perform as many dips as you can in a row
complete row/ski erg/Airdyne test that you have not already completed
Met-Con WOD:

21-15-9 of the following for time:

Deadlifts @ 65% of your new Max
Pull Ups

so I didn’t get my goal lift 😦 my goal was to get at least 200 pounds by the end of the semester and I the best I could do was 195 which is still 30 pounds heavier than my first max. Im really gonna work to get that 200 though.

Day 84: Thursday, June 12


establish a 1 rep Strict Shoulder Press Max
once you reach failure, go for a 1 rep Push Press Max
perform one of the Rower/Airdyne/Ski Erg tests not completed

Met-Con WOD:

10 minute AMRAP of:

5 Power Cleans @ 75%
10 HR Push Ups
15 Box Jumps (as always you may step down)

had another productive day today, completed a lot of the tests…
strict: 60lbs (15 pound increase)
push: 85lbs (25pound increase)
sit ups: 35 (up from 32)
pull ups: went from 0:0 to 1:10 (real:rubber band)
box jump: 30 (up from 26)
squats: 57 (up from 40)
500m row: 1:53 (down from 2:32)

IM SO EXCITED FOR DEAD LIFTS TOMORROW! My goal is at least 200# I hope I can get her done!

Day 83: Wednesday, June 11

Testing Items:
establish a 1 rep Max Squat
perform as many Burpees in a minute as possible
we only have 40 minutes due to MOGA Madness

for back squat today I went up to 135 from 85 (50 pound increase wow!) and for front squat I went up to 115 from 95 (20 pound increase, not as high but I’m still really happy with it) I also got 27 burpees in one minuet, I never did that test the first week so I’m not sure how much I improved. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Day 82: Tuesday, June 10

The CrossFit CPHS crew is putting the PR in PaRty as everyone is having Personal Bests and Records…
Maxes continue to increase, people continue to lose fat and gain muscle; people are going from no pull ups to 7 strict….
Who knows what Tuesday will bring!


establish a 1 rep Clean Max
perform the Air Squat for a minute test
complete the Push Ups in a row test
perform one of the Conditioning tests: Air Dyne for a minute, Ski Erg for 2 minutes or Row 500m or 1000m
Met-Con WOD:

3 rounds for time:

1 lap of outside of school
15 Thrusters @ 65/45

SORRY I HAVENT BLOGED IN WHILE 😁 I’ve been very busy but I promise I’ll keep it up these last few days since it max week! I was away on Monday so I haven’t done my new bench max yet but I plan on staying after school one day next week to complete all the things I miss. as for yesterday we did my favourite…cleans I’m really impressed with how much I’ve improved over the semester even tho my numbers are still pretty low. But never the less my clean went from 70lbs to 100lbs THATS UP 30LBS! I’m a little disappointed because I know that I can do 105lbs because that what I got when we did the football maxes so I might try tht again sometime next week too. I also went from being able to 5 push ups (real actual push-ups not the girl ones) to being able to do 20 in a row! Can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved on everything else!